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Umbrella Insurance: Protection for the unexpected.

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    Own a home? Have a Boat? What about a Pool? All of these things create liability that will leave you at risk if you don’t have the right insurance coverage.

    Umbrella insurance is a vital coverage option for people who own a home, an automobile, and/or a boat. If you cause an accident, do you have enough coverage from your current policies to protect you? With limited coverage availability on your homeowners, car, and watercraft insurance, these policies can be easily exhausted if you are named in a lawsuit.

    Umbrella insurance is designed to give added liability above the limits of home, auto, and boat insurance coverage’s. Your umbrella policy will kick-in when these resources have been depleted and are not able to completely cover the costs.

    This aptly-named coverage offers another shield of protection, in a day when lawsuits are common and judgments are high. With the prevalence of legal accusations, you can’t afford not to have umbrella liability insurance. Contrary to myth, umbrella insurance is very affordable, can be easily coordinated with your existing insurance policies and is not only for the wealthy.

    If you own a home, property, or recreational vehicles that someone may be injured upon you are at risk. Contact Eastern Insurors today to receive a free quote on Florida umbrella insurance