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Florida Disability Insurance

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    Imagine that you are hurt and must take time out of work. Does your employer provide long-term disability insurance? Even if they do, does it cover the length of time you may be out of commission? And what happens when you change jobs?

    These are things you should be considering if you need to purchase disability insurance. Your need for disability insurance may be greater than you realize, and it’s not a responsibility you should simply toss aside for your employer to deal with. Currently, there are no state laws that require employers to provide you with long term disability insurance.

    If your employer does not provide enough or any disability insurance, look no further than Eastern Insurors. We have many options for comprehensive disability lines to best suit your needs. Disability insurance policies basically provide replacement income for you during the time you are unable to work. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of this type of insurance; consider this: how would you and your family survive without your income? What things and activities would you need to give up without your income?

    Disability insurance typically replaces 60-70% of your income during the time in which you are unable to work and/or perform the duties defined by your employment. Can you afford NOT to purchase this coverage? Contact Eastern Insurors today for more information and get a free Florida disability insurance quote, right now!