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Thank you for visiting our virtual insurance office today! We hope you find our site useful for all of your insurance needs.

Eastern Insurors, has been in the insurance business since 1947, providing unmatched service for over 70 years! As an independent insurance agent, with a local office located in Cape Coral, FL, we represent numerous reputable and financially stable regional/national insurance companies. Because we’re an independent agency, we can offer you many options from policies and are not tied to one single insurance carrier.

Eastern Insurors is committed to providing those in Florida with the best customer service and coverage options available. Whether you need business, home, auto, life, or even disability policies, we can be your go to agent for all of your insurance shopping. Our staff will take you through the insurance shopping process step-by-step, making sure to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have along the way.

Florida residents, get started right now by calling our office at 888.543.1160 and filling out our free online insurance quote form: it only takes 5 minutes and could save you 30%! You can be sure that with Eastern Insurors, you will receive the insurance plans you need at the rates you deserve!

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Owning a home is a huge accomplishment for most people. Do you know how to protect you and your fami...

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